Seniors – Downsize Your Stuff

By AnnMichelle G. Hat, Esq.
November 24, 2021

Who wants Grandma’s China? Grandpa’s model trains? Anyone? Bueller? Beuller? Bueller?

Hi, I’m Ann Hart Hartlaw PLLC. I’m an estate planning attorney in Washington state. 

If you got the movie reference to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I’m talking to you. 

For those of us who remember that movie, we grew up in an era much different than those who were born later. Back then people lived and worked in the same city or neighborhood all their lives. Things were scarce – You made do or did without.  Families didn’t have much, so what little there was became cherished family heirlooms – The family Bible, a well-built piece of furniture, contents of a hope chest. 

Today, the younger generations are far more mobile. They can get whatever they want… Next day with Amazon! And it’s not that they don’t want your things, they view them from a different perspective – “How many times am I going to be moving it as I get older?” 

And after you pass away, it can be quite a challenge to clear out your things quickly if they can’t get enough time off of work if they aren’t in the same city or even state that you are.

It’s time. You need to start thinking about downsizing some of your less used and unneeded items now so that your family won’t have such a big burden later on. 

Holidays and family get-togethers are a great time to start discussions on what items you hold dear that other family members may want. Don’t be surprised to hear no one wants your china or model trains. 

If you need advice on how to downsize, call me Ann Hart, HartLaw PLLC – Your attorney with heart